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An Anxious Introvert’s Guide to Freshers’ Week (Part 1)

At school I was always the kid hiding a furious blush behind a curtain of hair, desperately hoping not to be noticed. Whenever a teacher threw a question out into the room like a knife-edged boomerang, I became painfully aware of the chair jamming into my spine as I attempted to disappear into the plastic. In short, some school days felt like being led to slaughter (in front of a cheering crowd). So not too pleasant, really.

I’m not saying I hated everything about school, I actually liked plenty of things about it. But I did find it extremely difficult to be part of a group and to interact with people I didn’t already know very well. Understandably, when I left college at 18, I did not want to go to university; I took a bit of time out of education to figure things out and, perhaps naively, hoped I would be able to fully overcome these awful feelings.

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A (kind of) Introduction

To be honest I’m not a big fan of blog introductions, who really wants to read an introductory post about a stranger? However, it felt wrong to dive straight into writing ‘proper’ posts so I thought I’d put a short intro up just for the hell of it. I’m a 19-year-old introvert from Brighton, UK, currently studying Sociology full time with the Open University and on the cusp of starting a new job as a health care assistant. I’d describe myself as a traveller, thinker and socially anxious baking fanatic with a love for unconventional decisions.

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