Talking About Anxiety – Conversations With Anxiety #09

Snapshots of the conversations that are had between anxiety and I: the things we fight over, the discussions and debates we take part in and the struggle to reason with irrationality. Some of these are based on past events or reoccurring battles, some on more recent occasions, and some are simply extrapolations of experiences I’ve had.

Facilitator: “Okay, so now we’re going to go around the group and each person is going to tell us what they find hard about doing their job.”

Anxiety: Uh oh.

Me: You. That’s the simple answer.

Anxiety: Wait, what?

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What You Can Learn From Frustration: Thoughts on Anxiety and Self-Hatred

Frustration is a complex emotion. A cocktail of anger and exhaustion; a fiery sedative. When something is just not going right, someone is just not understanding the point, when you can’t quite make something work. It’s scraping past a satisfying conclusion and just missing it; stopping short of the finish line by two inches. It’s an amalgamation of uselessness and pent up energy, like a car full of gas with no wheels. It’s knowing what you want to say to someone, and feeling unable to say it.

Frustration has come to me at many times in my life. Mostly in the form of helpless uselessness, sometimes in relation to anxiety, and these emotions can often be served alongside a scoop of self-hatred and a modest helping of negative thoughts.

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12 Tips To Get Into Manual Photography (From a Newbie)

First of all I’d like to apologise for the sporadic and spontaneous posts that seem to be appearing on my blog at the moment. Recently, having started my new job on top of trying to catch up with some uni work, I’ve been pushed a little off-kilter and my routine of writing a post every day or two has become disrupted. This is something I’m trying to amend though, so hopefully I can find a new sort of routine to slide into once I find my feet at work.

At the start of the year, I wrote a blog post detailing my experiences of what it’s like to shoot manual photos for the first time. Today I’d like to revisit that topic and offer a few tips to anyone out there trying to get into it themselves.

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The Medicine of Sunshine: 101 Words of Gratitude

One of my goals for the new year, all of which I wrote about at the start of January, was to appreciate more. To notice the gratitude I felt, particularly towards the smaller moments in life. I have been writing a few points every couple of days in my new bullet journal, but I felt like it could be beneficial to sometimes expand on these points, and stay with the thought for a while, to truly appreciate those moments instead of just jotting them down and forgetting about them.

Expressing gratitude has been connected to increased wellbeing, and through my own experiences I feel like training my brain to pick up on the good things, no matter how small, makes me more susceptible to noticing positives in everyday life. It’s a pretty simple addition to my daily routine but it has potential to keep my head above the water in which low moods live.

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13 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health In January

I’ve noticed that the month of January splits people’s emotions into pretty much polar opposites: the people who feel motivated and rejuvenated at the start of the year, and the people who have a tendency to feel lower or more vulnerable. For the latter group, dragging yourself through the long winter days which sit on the wrong side of the holidays can feel like really hard work.

Because of this, I thought I’d list off a few of the things I’m trying to do this year to give myself the best chance at having a mentally healthy 2018, and hopefully give a few people some ideas for themselves.

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7 Ways to Manage Social Anxiety at Christmas – Blogmas Day 5

The festive season is not one that everyone looks forward to; in fact for a lot of people suffering with mental illness, Christmas can be a time that heightens the symptoms they feel. The pressure around making these weeks ‘the best/most relaxed/most fun time of the year’, the stacking up of social events, the build up to one ‘perfect’ day, the stress of organising gifts and planning various things… Everything, from the small to the big, can have an impact on an individual’s mental health and shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly.

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