Born and bred Brightonian, I spent my childhood by the sea, playing imaginary games, watching the original Robin Hood on VHS and refusing all food that wasn’t marmite toast.  I loved the carefree atmosphere of primary school but secondary school was a bit more of a struggle for me, and I became plagued by anxiety.

With an ambition as stubborn as my commitment to marmite, I was determined to do well regardless of my shaky mental health and ended up studying the IB at college whilst working part time to save up money to fulfil my future travelling dreams. Two years later, and to my disbelief, I emerged from the other side of the IB (any fellow IB survivors out there?) and embarked on a six-month solo trip quite literally all around the globe: from visiting friends in Florida, au pairing in Canada, picking veggies and living in a tent in Hawaii, to waitressing in Sydney, camping in the Aussie outback and touring New Zealand by bus, it was as unforgettable as it sounds.

As if that wasn’t enough, once I returned home, I set off again to travel India for a month with my mum, which really was a life-changing experience. By this point I had run out of money so started working in an ice cream shop back in my hometown for the summer. Autumn rolled around and I felt ready for a new adventure, and so began the first few weeks of a Sociology degree with the Open University… Which brings me to now: fast approaching the end of another year, essay deadlines and the start of another job, this time as a health care assistant.

And this is where this blog comes in, a little piece of the internet where I can document past and future travel adventures, mental health struggles and tips, life as a distance-learning student and general thoughts of a young adult in the contemporary world.

So if you want to read about my unconventional and spur-of-the-moment decisions, hop along for the ride 🙂



Nov 2017

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Bexa says:

    Hi! Nice introduction ☺️. I love Brighton! 💕 It’s such an awesome place you are so lucky to live there 😄. We sound so similar in our passion for travel and studying with the OU. I have also had struggles with anxiety. And wow, you have been to some amazing places! I’m looking forward to read more of your blog 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  2. Sev says:

    Ah! I went to Brighton when I was 14. A seagull pooped on my head!! Sadly, this is the only memory i have from your city.
    Nice blog, keep up the good work!
    Cheers from across the Channel, in Brussels!

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  3. DougInNC says:

    You posted on another blog site this week that you were going to Prague this summer. My tip: Discover the tranquility of Wallenstein Garden if you are near the Malostranská Metro stop. The intriguing Dripstone Wall is like nothing else I have seen.

    I did not find this in a guide book, but caught a glimpse peering down from the castle and sought it out, which made it special. I enjoyed much of Prague and I’m sure you will also.

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  4. danniandherpassport says:


    Just stumbled across your blog. I have a passion for travel and can’t wait to go in just under two years time. I’m actually a mental health nurse and plan to work in Oz with my registration, although that means I have to work in England for two years. Look forward to reading more.

    Best wishes

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  5. Joe says:

    Just came across your blog as I am just starting out on mine and I just wanted to let you know I think it is so cool and to keep up the good work. I hope my blog can be similar to yours one day!

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