Going Shopping – Conversations With Anxiety #01

Snapshots of the conversations that are had between anxiety and I: the things we fight over, the discussions and debates we take part in and the struggle to reason with irrationality. Some of these are based on past events or reoccurring battles, some on more recent occasions, and some are simply extrapolations of experiences I’ve had.

Me: Okay, just need my keys and phone and we’re ready to go!

Anxiety: Nope nope, I don’t think we should go –

Me: Shh, not now, I don’t have time for this.

Anxiety: No actually, it’s not that I don’t think we should go, I know we shouldn’t.

Me (sighing): And why would that be?

Anxiety: What if we feel like we’re going to throw up?

Me: What?! We’re not even ill.

Anxiety: You sure about that? I think our stomach is a little wobbly.

Me: No, that’s you doing that, you’re making us feel sick.

Anxiety: What! I wouldn’t do such a thing. JeezI’m trying to help us.

Me: Well you’re not doing a very good job, are you.

Anxiety: People are going to stare at us.

Me: Urr I don’t think so? We’re going into town to do some shopping, literally no one else is going to notice us.

Depression: Excuse me? Do I get a say in this?

Me: You as well? No, no! I didn’t invite either of you to this decision-making process that shouldn’t even be a decision-making process! It’s literally going out the house, not going to the moon, why am I even listening to either of you?

Depression: Well if you were asking me I’d say don’t go. It’s too hard, so much effort. Literally why bother? I’m voting stay in.

Me: Finally! Something you both actually agree on!

Anxiety: Wait, does that mean we’re not going?

Depression: We’re going back to bed?

Me: NO!

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21 thoughts on “Going Shopping – Conversations With Anxiety #01

  1. crystalsandcurls says:

    Love this! You tackled the topic with humour, but really managed the capture the same sense. I don’t struggle with anxiety, but I do tend to suffer with OCD and i can definitely hear similar echoes in our thought patterns – especially how it’s like “no, no i’m trying to PROTECT you, this is entriely for the best, the other way of doing things is WRONG”. Great post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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